Have you ever dreamed of having a luxurious wedding,  party or special event at a place so beautiful and eye-capturing, that it will leave people rendered speechless? All because of the venue it was held at? I’m talking venues so unforgettable, that the memories attached are nothing less than wonderful, having you forever thinking back to that one perfect day.

A place that seemed to have had the power to leave people in a complete state of awe and wonderment? Well, that is the type of venues we have, venues that will not only captivate you upon first sight but are also too stunning for simple words. A charming yet classy, spacious venue. The venues we have, are the kind that can make, that type of dreamt up dream, a reality.

The venues we want you to remember are so beautiful and elegant that you won’t want to take your eyes off of them and it is possible to find yourself filled with excitement and anticipation, all the way up to the actual day of your wedding, party or event. And we want that for you, to be thrilled, excited and eager to have your special day held at one of our venues, a venue 2 remember. We want to make that type of dreamt up dream come true!

Location, Location, Location

Sometimes people say: “It’s all about location, location, location.”  Why? Because location is everything in choosing a venue for your upcoming event too. An amazing venue that is not only beautiful on the inside but on the outside;  It has a welcoming appearance, with lots of parking space, a perfectly mowed lawn that has healthy green grass, nicely trimmed or decorated shrubs and gravel, gated pathways, that will take your breath away. From the time you park your car and walk to take a tour of any of our memorable venues, you are sure to fall in love; each with their own allure.

It’s Our Pleasure To Work For You

It is our pleasure to be able provide these memorable venues for you, to hold your event at. If you would like to register a tour of one of our ‘Venues 2 Remember’ or if you are ready to book with us, please let us know in the services and events page. And we are always delighted to help further assist you, with whatever it is you may have in mind for your special day planned.

Guest Book:

We hope you enjoyed your event and that it was truly an unforgettable moment in time for you. If you have any pictures you would like to upload or any comments you would like to leave us with, please contact us and put in the subject line “Guest Book”. We will forever be thankful. We are more than happy that you chose to book your event with us, thank you!