The Three Best Things to Do in Osaka, Japan.

When you think of cities to visit in Japan, the most famous one that pops up is, of course, Tokyo. But right next to it, is the capital city of Western Japan, Osaka. And let me tell you, there are some things you can do in Osaka that you will never find anywhere else in Japan. 

Alongside its most famous tourist destinations like  Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka is one of the three most sought-after cities in all of Japan. With delicious local foods, traditional cultures to take part in, and breathtaking sights to see, you’ll wish you got on the next plane going to Osaka! 

So to help those who are already planning to go here, we’ve compiled a small list of the best things you could do. With these, you should have a better idea as to why Osaka is such a hotspot for tourists. 

Universal Studios Japan. 

Universal Studios Japan or USJ for short, is the most famous theme park in all of Japan. It trumps the other theme parks like Japan Disneyland which make it a staple tourist attraction for all tourist. 

USJ offers a ton of fun and adventurous activities for everybody to enjoy. And to add more to the fun, all of the attractions are all based on popular blockbusters like Jurassic Park, JAWS, Harry Potter, and even the Minions. No matter what your favorite movie was, you’re sure to find a perfect theme park here just for you! 

Osaka Castle. 

No trip to Osaka will ever be complete without going to one of the biggest cultural architectures in the country, Osaka Castle. But why choose to visit this castle over all the rest? 

Well, although other castles do have a significant role in Japanese history, there is no other castle that is as significant as Osaka Castle. It was the place that unified Japan at its best, thanks to the order of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

And other than basking in the magnificent and interesting history of Japan, you can also have a fun bike tour around the castle grounds, which is sure to excite any kid! So make sure to check out Osaka Castle while you’re in town! 

Learn about making tea. 

If there is anything that Osaka is known for, it’s tea. And not just good tea from any cafe, but making their own tea using a special tea ceremony

This tea ceremony has been around for hundreds of years and has been passed down through generations in order to preserve its utmost tradition. Though others may find better tea elsewhere, the tea ceremony offers a unique taste and one that not many people will ever forget. 

And don’t worry, you will also be able to participate in the tea ceremony and incorporate  it into your own household so that you can make your own home-brewed tea from Osaka. 


When it comes to famous tourist attractions, amazing local food, and breathtaking sceneries, Osaka has it and so much more which is what makes it a close second as one of the most popular cities to visit in Japan. From riding a  rollercoaster with dinosaurs at USJ, or biking around Osaka Castle, or even just learning how to make some tea. Osaka has everything you ever wanted out of an explicit experience in Japan and so much more! 

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The Best Cities to Visit in Germany.

The country of Germany is known to all thanks to its involvement with World War 2. But it has since then progressed into a more loveable and famous tourist destination for the whole world. Though its past was once considered a major problem, now it has some of the best infrastructure, economies, art, culture, and communities in the world.

But with such a booming country, it can be pretty difficult to know where the best places are. And we wouldn’t want to spend all of our time and money in just one city, now do we? So in order to help you out with that, here are the best cities to visit in Germany. 


Starting with its capital city, Berlin is the number one place to go for all tourists. This is the city that houses some of the richest and most diverse cultures out there. From the Museum Island where countless forms of arts from around the world are collected to the astounding architecture of the Brandenburg gate which once separated East and West Berlin. This city has it all which is why it’s a great start to your journey in the Deutschlands.


The city of Frankfurt is considered to be the economic capital of the country. It is surrounded by countless skyscrapers which make its skyline one of the best in Germany. It also has a Manhattan feel and vibes to it, as the streets are often busy because of everybody on the go and headed to work. But that is not all the city has to offer!

The city of Frankfurt has the Old Town, which is an area dedicated to the country’s old way of living. From old homes that have been refurbished and remodeled to cultural foods that have been reborn for people to enjoy. It is the city where you will be able to learn and experience the most of what Germany was like way back when. Which makes it a great city to visit!


Considered to be the second-largest city in Germany, and the third-largest port in all of Europe, the city of Hamburg makes it to our third spot of the best cities to visit in Germany. This town is also known as the Gateway to the World, as its story started way back during the Roman Era, where people then used this town to open trading and connections with the rest of the world. And thanks to careful precautions and preservation techniques, the city was able to survive the invasion during World War 2.

This city is a rapidly developing hub that has attracted the greats of the naval and aerospace industry. It is a city that is still progressing to this day, all the while preserving its great cultural and historical place in Germany. 


There are many great places to visit in Germany. With such a huge landmass and community that are very welcoming, there’s no telling why it was considered to be the 7th most popular tourist destination in the world. This is why going here should definitely be a must on your bucket list. 

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The Best Sights to See in New Jersey.

Usually, when people hear the words New Jersey, they’re probably thinking of that hit show the Jersey Shore. Yes, the ones where everybody was tanned inside out, mixed with some of the most hair gel you will ever see in your lifetime.

But that show doesn’t interpret New Jersey to its fullest. That is because the state actually has a lot more to offer than what your typical city might be able to. So if you’re passing by, here are some of the best sights to see in New Jersey! 

Atlantic City. 

Now, if you want to be able to live out your dreams of going to Vegas but you’re too far away, then Atlantic City is the place just for you. Known for its multiple gambling dens and even home to the Miss America pageant, the city is the most populated and the most popular one to visit in all of New Jersey.

This is thanks to the many attractions and activities you can do here. In Atlantic City, you’ll be able to go to the famous wood-plank Boardwalk and Gardener’s Basin. But not only that, but you will also be able to go and have some waterfront dining, dolphin sightseeing, and even cruises around the city! It’s the place to go if you have a thirst for that urban lifestyle.

Delaware Water Gap. 

Now if the hustle and bustle of the great urban cities are not to your style, then you can also visit the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area! But, what is that exactly? Well, good thing you asked! Because this is actually a forest ridden area where you will barely even see any buildings. Pretty fun and adventurous, right?

Well, here, you’ll be able to do all of the outdoor activities you’d normally want to do. You will be able to hike the Appalachian trail or go fishing or canoeing along with the Wild and Scenic River! You can even do things like horseback riding as well! It’s the place to go to satisfy your need for the great outdoors! 

Ocean City. 

The city attracts more people than the actual people that live in the city. Ocean City is a popular family resort that attracts all of the tourists.

This is mostly because of the fact that Ocean City is actually home to some of the best beaches in New Jersey. The beaches here stretch a total of 8 miles, and some of those beaches will actually require you a certain tag to access. It is so famous, that it needs to divide the beaches in order to control the flow of people. I mean, how crazy is that! 


We all have our own weird perspective on New Jersey. But one thing that is considered a fact, is that the state of New Jersey will be able to entertain you and your family without a doubt! So if you’re looking for a state that has it all, and one that can fit your budget, then New Jersey is the way to go! 

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