Why You Need to Visit Boston.

Also known as the Hub to most, Boston City is perhaps one of the sturdiest and strongest cities to last in the United States. But wait, why do we even call it the Hub in the first place? Well, the nickname “The Hub” is actually short for “The Hub of the Universe”. Which really just refers to the State House of Massachusets. With it being a golden dome, people before would refer to it as the Hub, because it always seemed like it was at the center of everything. But more than just a cool nickname, Boston actually has a lot more to offer you than you think, and here are some of them.

The Only US State Capital with a coastline. 

There are many firsts when it comes to Boston, and though it may not be the first capital in the country, it actually has a list of other titles unique to it. And one of those is the fact that it is the only US State Capital with a coastline. With over 34 harbor islands along a stretch of 47 miles, 8 of these islands are accessible to the public. This means that people would actually have the chance to enjoy a rather long walk or drive along the coast that leads all the way up to the airport. It is an amazing view nonetheless and one that you should definitely see when you’re around.

Island Hopping, New England Style. 

Here, the islands are your oyster, if you have your own boat that is. In Boston, one of the main attractions is probably the fact that you can actually island-hop all 34 islands if you wanted. It has this unique feel to it, being able to cruise along the sea and be able to touch land, much like how it was way back then. Starting from Boston Harbour, you can go to places like Georges Island or Spectacle Island. And when you do get to these islands, you have the opportunity to go to other islands from there as well.

Learn more about America’s History. 

Although Washington holds the first place for the best city to learn America’s history; Boston comes in pretty close to it as well. With so many firsts that have happened here, you’ll probably be wondering why it isn’t the Capital of the Country. Boston has several museums that you can wander aimlessly and learn from, or maybe you can study more of those who had the revolution that led to America’s independence. Either way, the city is rich with history and only needs you to read all of it.


When it comes to the foundations of America, Boston is one of those pillars that made it the way it is now. With so much history here, you’ll find out just how great America truly is. And if you add that with all the people that live in the Hub, along with the sights to see, you’ll be enthralled and may end up even settling in here. 

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