The Best Cities to Visit in Germany.

The country of Germany is known to all thanks to its involvement with World War 2. But it has since then progressed into a more loveable and famous tourist destination for the whole world. Though its past was once considered a major problem, now it has some of the best infrastructure, economies, art, culture, and communities in the world.

But with such a booming country, it can be pretty difficult to know where the best places are. And we wouldn’t want to spend all of our time and money in just one city, now do we? So in order to help you out with that, here are the best cities to visit in Germany. 


Starting with its capital city, Berlin is the number one place to go for all tourists. This is the city that houses some of the richest and most diverse cultures out there. From the Museum Island where countless forms of arts from around the world are collected to the astounding architecture of the Brandenburg gate which once separated East and West Berlin. This city has it all which is why it’s a great start to your journey in the Deutschlands.


The city of Frankfurt is considered to be the economic capital of the country. It is surrounded by countless skyscrapers which make its skyline one of the best in Germany. It also has a Manhattan feel and vibes to it, as the streets are often busy because of everybody on the go and headed to work. But that is not all the city has to offer!

The city of Frankfurt has the Old Town, which is an area dedicated to the country’s old way of living. From old homes that have been refurbished and remodeled to cultural foods that have been reborn for people to enjoy. It is the city where you will be able to learn and experience the most of what Germany was like way back when. Which makes it a great city to visit!


Considered to be the second-largest city in Germany, and the third-largest port in all of Europe, the city of Hamburg makes it to our third spot of the best cities to visit in Germany. This town is also known as the Gateway to the World, as its story started way back during the Roman Era, where people then used this town to open trading and connections with the rest of the world. And thanks to careful precautions and preservation techniques, the city was able to survive the invasion during World War 2.

This city is a rapidly developing hub that has attracted the greats of the naval and aerospace industry. It is a city that is still progressing to this day, all the while preserving its great cultural and historical place in Germany. 


There are many great places to visit in Germany. With such a huge landmass and community that are very welcoming, there’s no telling why it was considered to be the 7th most popular tourist destination in the world. This is why going here should definitely be a must on your bucket list. 

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